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Tree and Stump Removal
Tree Trimming and Pruning


tree trimming & tree removal services
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Vegetation Removal
  • Commercial Landscaping


tree trimmingAIMS Tree Service provides a multitude of services to assist you in maintaining trees and caring for trees. With over 10 years experience, AIMS Tree Service provides quality service in pruning, trimming, sculpting, and removing detrimental dry trees that could be a danger to your home or property. AIMS Tree Service works with many property owners to ensure that Home Owner Association standards are met.

Each tree limb is carefully studied to ensure that if removed, the tree will maintain its aesthetic beauty; the limb will not obstruct the house or sign in the street, and the removal will allow the tree to grow upward, thus its crown is raised.

Pruning is best done during the fall or late winter times when the tree limbs are exposed and the trees skeletal nature is revealed. While trimming is done while the leaves are on the tree and the arborist can better assess the weight and the fullness of the tree.

AIMS Tree Service chips onsite to ensure that all debris is removed from your property. Our employees carefully remove the limbs and other debris from your lawn and property area. AIMS Tree Service is insured and provides references upon request.


Aims Tree Service provides careful tree removal should the tree need removal because of disease or at the request of the client. We also grind the stump to ground level and cover it with sod for our customers.

certified arboristOur service areas include: Cypress, Fairfield, Coles Crossing, Spring, Norchester, Champions/1960, Memorial, Bellaire, West University Place, River Oaks, Houston Heights, Spring Branch, Copperfield, Lakewood, Tomball, Rosehill, Kingwood and The Woodlands.

Arborist on call

In order to avoid a patchy lawn have your tree thinned in order to allow enough sunlight to come through in the afternoon sunlight. This will allow you to save money on applying harmful chemicals to your lawn in order to keep it green. In this way you don’t have to remove the tree and you do not have to water your lawn as much.

AIMS Tree Service works with Certified Arborist, Kris Bitner. Ms. Bitner is licensed in private and commercial pest application and is Certified as an Arborist by Texas A&M. With her knowledge and expertise, we advise people on the maintenance of their trees, how and when to apply pesticides to the trees. She offers specific details on how to properly plant and maintain your trees in the Greater Houston area.


We trim the following trees in the Greater Houston area, bradford pear trees, sycamores, pines, palm trees, chinese tallons, pecan trees, live oak, water oak, red oak and palm trees. Because of the large area that Houston covers, different areas will have concerns about watering, diseases, and tornado, and hurricane concerns. Please give us a call with any question regarding your trees. We have a 24 hour emergency service for these special problems.