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Houston area tree trimming services

Our service areas include: Cypress, Fairfield, Coles Crossing, Spring, Norchester, Champions/1960, Memorial, Bellaire, West University Place, River Oaks, Houston Heights, Spring Branch, Copperfield, Lakewood, Tomball, Rosehill, Kingwood and The Woodlands.

houston area tree trimming serviceAIMS Tree Service provides services in the Greater Houston Area. In the North Tomball and Conroe area, we work with Pine and Oak Trees. It is important that these trees be maintained because these northern areas are at high risk for tornadoes. Thus, maintenance of these large trees are important for the safety of your home.

In the South area of Houston, which covers Sugar Land and Pear Land, homes tend to have oak, pecan trees, and palm trees. As Houston is prone to hurricanes being on the border of the Gulf of Mexico, it is best to have these trees trimmed and at a good distance from window areas around your house.

The East of Houston, has pine and palm trees. And in the west, we cover large pines and oak trees. These large trees are beautiful and can be easily cared for by ensuring that they are trimmed and pruned at least once a year.