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Tree and Stump Removal
Tree Trimming and Pruning


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In order to better serve you, when you call our office, please provide us with a budget.  We will work with you on how we can stay within this boundary and offer you quality service.

We can also determine the type of trimming technique that is necessary for your trees; such as:

  • tips about treesTrimming or removing tree limbs that create an obstruction
  • Remove dead or weak tree limbs
  • Remove diseased or insect-infested tree limbs
  • Create a better tree structure to lessen wind resistance
    and reduce the potential for storm damage
  • Shape young trees
  • Remove tree limbs damaged by adverse weather conditions
  • Remove tree branches, or thinning trees, to increase light penetration
  • Improve the shape or silhouette of the tree

Hints & Tips About Trees

In order to avoid a patchy lawn have your tree thinned in order to allow enough sunlight to come through in the afternoon sunlight. This will allow you to save money on applying harmful chemicals to your lawn in order to keep it green. In this way you don’t have to remove the tree and you do not have to water your lawn as much.

AIMS Tree Service works with Certified Arborist, Kris Bitner. Ms. Bitner is licensed in Private and Commercial Pest Application and is Certified as an Arborist by Texas A&M. With Kris's knowledge and expertise, we advise people on the maintenance of trees, how and when to apply pesticides to the trees. She offers specific details on how to properly plant and maintain your trees in the Greater Houston area.